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How PR Helps Build Trust

A harsh reality for today’s CMOs is lack of public trust in most brands, and it’s infiltrating into many of their organizations’ marketing channels. Fake news. Digital ad fraud. Brand safety. Data breaches. The list goes on and on. Proven public relations tactics adapted for the digital world can be your biggest ally in winning trust — and achieving credibility — for your products or services.

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The (Unrequited) Love Affair Between PR and Sales

It’s the same old love song popularized by Janet Jackson in 1986: “What have you done for me lately?” Sometimes it feels to those in the PR world that they’re consistently trying to prove value in a monetary, quantitative way. But because they’re in the business of credibility and trust – they are balancing two things that cannot be directly measured with a solid line to sales growth. Or can they?

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10 Years of Venture Atlanta. What a Ride!

With a decade of Venture Atlanta behind us, we reflect on another amazing event that took place last week. Venture Atlanta has witnessed so much in the last 10 years including helping secure over $2 billion in funding awarded to date and it’s been thrilling to watch Venture Atlanta grow, tech companies thrive and the Southeast rise in national startup status. Read our summary of some key highlights and observations from the two-day event.

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Merging High Tech with High Touch

A recent McKinsey study suggests that 45 percent of knowledge work activity can be automated – a startling statistic for those of us with knowledge-based careers. How can marketers stay ahead of the automation trend? Here are four ways you can leverage your human strengths to get better results for yourself and your organization.

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