Are You Ready for the New Year? Top Trends Shaping Your Marketing in 2016.

2016 new business success strategy

With 2015 quickly winding down, we have taken a look at what’s in store for marketers as we move into next year. What new trends will emerge? How will marketing evolve? To help answer these questions, we turned to some of our favorite reads for insight and have included them below for easy reference.

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  • The “Death” of Digital Marketing. The truth is, digital has become so mainstream and central to marketing, it no longer requires niche treatment. Mark Ritson, academic brand consultant and Marketing Weekcolumnist frames it this way: “The phrase ‘digital marketing’ has gone the same way as ‘international marketing’ – into obsolescence. Digital has changed the world so much that it has become the world.” (via Business2Community)
  • Sales Enablement. Today’s complex buyer’s journey and the evolving role of the sales function demands that marketing does more than simply help their companies generate new leads. They also need to be focused on helping to convert those leads into opportunities and opportunities into revenue. (via Business2Community)
  • Email Marketing Resurgence. Many have long predicted the death of email marketing, but the data shows quite the contrary. According to Gigaom Research, marketers consistently rank email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. (via Business2Community)
  • Internet of Things (IoT). Wearable technology will see a user adoption rate of 28 percent by 2016 – even more data for marketers to mine. So, will this data be derived from people’s day-to-day habits? It looks that way. Every year from now until the foreseeable future, we’ll see the IoT become a bigger tool that marketers can use to engage with customers. (via Hubspot)
  • Social Media Will Lead the Visual Web.Marketers will shy away from slick professional shoots and stock photography, which no longer resonate with consumers, and rely on consumer-generated content created by brand enthusiasts and brand ambassadors to tell and promote their brand story. (via Chief Marketer)
  • Mobile Marketing Will Hit a New Milestone. Mobile marketing has been on the rise for some time now, but in 2016, it is predicted to hit a new milestone. According to eMarketer, global mobile advertising spending will surpass $100 billion, accounting for more than 50% of all digital spend for the first time. Be prepared with mobile-friendly sites and other forms of rich media to increase engagement with your target audience. (Loyalty360)
  • Micro Moments and Customization.Mobile devices allow consumers to act on any impulse, and when they do, they demand relevance. With the help of technology, marketers can track consumer preferences, and respond with relevant messages during the critical micro moments. (via Chief Marketer)
  • Personalized Video and Video Advertising. Online video now accounts for50 percent of all mobile traffic, a number that will certainly increase in 2016. Because of consumer preference for video content, marketers will create more content, and more personalized content to better connect with their audience. (via Business2Community)
  • Cross-Channel Engagement. Think of how many social profiles, blogs, websites, landing pages, ad programs, apps and other digital media that brands leverage. Now,increase that number by 20 percent and you’ll have some idea of how many channels in 2016 that brands will have to contend with. Cross-channel engagement will become an essential part of a marketer’s toolkit in 2016. As consumers use more channels and expect brands to be visible, available and engaged on them all, marketers will have to do their best to keep up. (via Business2Community)

Do any of these trends ring true with you? What other trends do you foresee in 2016? 

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