8 Websites for Startups to Get Free Publicity

Every new company knows that exposure is vital to business success. Without it, your customers and other stakeholders, such as potential investors, will never know about your cool new widget, or your game-changing software, or how your approach to problem solving is significantly different from other companies. That is why so many of Carabiner’s startup customers subscribe to our proven brand building services.

In addition to traditional marketing to raise your company’s profile, online exposure is critical to establishing your brand, especially in receiving quality backlinks to enhance SEO. This is true whether you are selling locally or globally. However, with stretched marketing budgets and very focused efforts to chase revenue, startups could use an advantage when attempting to gain the recognition they desire.

Image via Under30CEO

Image via Under30CEO

The folks over at Under30CEO want to help and have provided a list of eight websites you can submit your startup to for free in your quest for building a secure foothold in the online marketplace. Here is the list, but read the original article for additional insight. 

  1. AppVita
  2. The Startup Pitch
  3. Listio
  4. Launching Next
  5. The Startup Project
  6. Leanstack
  7. Ziipa
  8. NetWebApp

Of course we recommend making this effort part of an integrated marketing program — this alone will not put you on the map, but it can certainly help to strengthen your online presence.

What other free online sources would you recommend to fellow startups?

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