Infographic: New B2B Marketing Study Shows Google+ Trumping Twitter in 2014

Did you know that 85% of business to business marketers assert that Twitter is the number one social platform for business? A recent Social Media Benchmarketing Report states that Twitter is indeed the most popular social platform for business as of 2013, yet may not be for very long. According to the report, B2B marketers ranked LinkedIn at 82%, and B2B marketers ranked Facebook at 71%, and Google+ last at 36%.

However, that could all change next year. An infographic inspired by the report highlights that Google+ could surpass Twitter to rank first as a social platform for business in 2014. Is it possible for Google+ to skyrocket to the top in just one year, trumping all the other popular social mediums?

Image via B2B Marketing and Circle Research

Image via B2B Marketing and Circle Research

Additional findings from the report, based on data collected over two years (2011-2013) include:

  • Twitter and LinkedIn activity has doubled
  • Video content most popular on social media
  • Social media monitoring usage has risen


Marketers have been tracking the popularity and efficiency of social platforms for years and 30% of marketers are confident in their monitoring tools, despite the 40% that aren’t. The B2B Marketing infographic not only demonstrates Google+ becoming more popular, but in fact, tripling its status on the chart of most popular social media platforms in business.

Tell us how you’re using Google+ as part of your social media and marketing strategy. Do you agree with the report?

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