Three Quick Tips for Elevating Your Website’s Q4 Performance

Kathy Cabrera, founder of Red Clip Video, joins us today to share her insights on how to use Hollywood-style storytelling to help businesses produce video marketing content to engage their buying audiences. Red Clip is an affordable video production company that operates as a strategic multimedia services partner to Carabiner.

Watch below as Kathy gives us three quick tips on adding video to your website to:

·  Help increase conversion rates

·  Allow prospects to find you more easily online

·  Put you ahead of your competitors by feeding your audience information in an interesting and engaging format

What tactics are you employing to improve your website’s performance in Q4? Is video part of your digital content plans? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

And, if you’re looking for fresh yet affordable ideas on effective video marketing, contact Red Clip’s creative team to help!

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