New Report – Few Marketing Leaders Able to Measure ROI on Projects

imagesAccording to new research from B2B Marketing and Circle Research, only six percent of marketing leaders — senior leadership team or those who report directly to them — can calculate ROI on their projects “all the time.”

Survey participants listed three primary results behind this inability to measure return:

– Difficulty to justify budget
– Difficulties in knowing what works and where to invest
– Lack of respect from other departments

 The new data was generated from an online survey conducted in July of 100 B2B marketing professionals. The survey probed the minds of the marketing leader in an attempt to reveal a 360-degree view of the role:

From within – what are B2B leaders’ priorities for the next 12 months?
From above – how is the marketing function perceived by the senior leadership team?
From below – behavior and attitudes towards the recruitment and training of members of the marketing team.
From the outside – approaches to marketing across multiple territories.

Included in the report are insights into how well the participants gauged themselves in four key areas:

Their brand – how did they rate it relative to competitors’, and how well did they feel they are managing their brand?
Their performance – how did they demonstrate their value and return on investment?
Their team – how did they ensure their team maintained a high skill level?
Their personal reputation – what makes a good B2B leader, and where did they feel they’re lacking?

The following infographic highlights key findings of the survey including the internal challenges B2B marketing leaders face, such as executive support and budgeting.

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