“I’ve Got News!” Series: How to Select and Use a Wire Distribution Service for Press Releases

I've got NewsOur friends at Venture Atlanta invited us to submit a guest blog series to break down the options available to marketers for wire distribution services. Our posts are now up and we invite you to visit their site for tips and best practices. In Part One, we compare paid versus free distribution services and provide decision-making tips for your news. In Part Two, we highlight the top paid distribution services and outline considerations to help manage costs. Finally, in Part Three, we examine when it’s appropriate to use a news release versus a blog post to communicate your news.

As companies are now self-publishers and creators of their own content, with a direct line to their target audiences, wire services are still a critical public relations tool for achieving online visibility. We hope you enjoy the series, and we welcome your thoughts on the role of wire distribution services in your digital marketing plans.

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