B2B Video Doesn’t Have 2B Boring

Today, we’re featuring a guest blog from Kathy Berardi of Red Clip Video, a strategic multi-media services partner to Carabiner. If you’re worried about how to keep your video content exciting as a b2b marketer, Kathy offers her insights on how to best engage your audience:

I recently saw a fantastic infographic that illustrates how video is becoming an exploding medium for b2b marketers in 2015. With dramatic statistics—like 70 percent of b2b marketers are starting to use video, and 58 percent of them describe their previous experience in video marketing as successful—it’s clear more b2bs will soon be going “in front of the camera” to reach their customer audiences.

dancing cats_However, many of the b2bs I speak to about creating videos are worried about theirs being boring due to their products or services not being as “sexy” or “fun” as their b2c counterparts. In fact, after YouTube became popular in the mid-2000s, when I first started brainstorming about videos with my b2b clients, I was always surprised by the desire to produce content with dancing cats or other “sure to go viral” antics. Why would companies want something like that? Because they felt they were competing with that type of thing for the online viewer’s attention.

Not true. As I see it, the beauty of impactful b2b video is that it tells a genuine story and stays authentic to the interests of its niche target business audience. Many b2b providers have solutions that help real people at real companies solve problems and achieve more. For a b2b audience, those are powerful messages that can engage and excite all on their own. No dancing cats required!

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If you’re worried about “being boring” in your b2b video—I’d recommend that you just be yourself. Tell an honest story in a straightforward way on what it is you can do to help your audience, and your video as well as your brand will be embraced. Business audiences are looking for real solutions, not their next belly laugh.

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