A “TIP” for Keeping Your Video Resolutions in 2015

be the director of your own life, chase your dreams, meet your gToday, we’re featuring a guest blog from Kathy Berardi of Red Clip Video, a strategic multi-media services partner to Carabiner. If you’re focused on incorporating video into your marketing plans this year but are finding it difficult to get started, Kathy offers a “TIP” for kick-starting the process: 
1. Talk: Consider the wealth of knowledge you could gain by simply talking to your sales team. Are they witnessing any emerging trends that could create new opportunities for your company? Have they closed new deals that would offer you a chance to showcase a new customer? Or, maybe there’s a common obstacle companies are trying to overcome that can be addressed in a video. Salespeople are on the front line each day, and can provide keen insight into what’s important to your customers and prospects this year.

2. Inventory: Think about what assets you have that could be transformed into video content. Do you have any collateral, graphics or presentations that could be repurposed for video in some way? Also, if you’re already planning to attend industry events this year, be sure while you’re there to capture video interviews with customers and experts. Dig deep to find assets that can be transformed into video content.

Designers Meeting To Discuss New Ideas
3. Plan: Now that you’re armed with ideas for video, start planning things out. Start by developing a timeline that reveals when it’s most crucial to be in front of your audience this year. Then, plan digital stories around those times to achieve the most ROI on your video investments. 

It may already be February, but there’s still time to get a strategic plan in place for the rest of the year. We’re here to help you keep your 2015 resolutions for weaving video into your content marketing plan.

Book a complimentary video strategy session with the Red Clip team today to help you get started. Or, contact us any time you just need to get some creative juices flowing!

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