In the Exit Game, Don’t Forget About Branding

I recently sat down with Evelyn Ashley, Managing Partner, and John Monahon, Partner, of Trusted Counsel, a corporate and intellectual property law firm in Atlanta. Evelyn and John produce In Process, a bi-weekly radio broadcast on Newstalk 1160 to educate listeners on many topics related to the daily operation of their business.

Evelyn and John were interested in speaking with me about PR and marketing considerations before selling a business. Understandably, business leaders focus primarily on the legal and financial aspects of prepping for a sale, but certainly PR, marketing and branding should have a seat at the table when a company is planning an exit.

In Segment 1 of this podcast, we spoke about my experience with one of my previous companies and the role of brand equity when considering an exit.

Look for Segment 2 next week: In the Exit Game, Don’t Bench the Promoters.



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